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Keene/Fx assists companies in product enhancement, design and creation.

















Founded by Brian Keene in 2011, and later joined by his brother Phillip, the pair have brought many original products to the Home Decor, Car Accessories and Board Game markets.


Founder Brian Keene


Brian studied Fine Arts and Digital creation at the University of Texas with applications in advertising copy and design. He loves the outdoors and will be publishing two childrens books this year.

"My passion is to create, build and that is what I do!"

He is a "hands on" creater from start to finish. When asked why he started Keene/Fx he stated "My desire is to bring back American quality to the marketplace and instill joy in the product we make...and have fun doing it".



Phillip studied at Texas A&M and the University of North Texas giving him a well rounded knowledge of both Wildlife Sciences and a Creative Discipline. He joined the company in 2016, but has served in a support roll since 2013.

"I love utilizing our 3D printers, not for prototyping, but manufacturing products direct to market".

His aptitude for sculpting which began in High School, has made him a natural 3D Designer. When asked about their bank of 3D printers, he stated "I love utilizing our printers, not for prototyping, but for manufacturing direct to market."





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